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Our Clients

Indian Clients

Logo of Thaaimai Hospital.Logo of Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust.Logo of CMC, Vellore.Logo of Morris Mathias Hospital.Logo of Amma Children Hospital.Logo of Mahesh ENT Care.Logo of Meenakshi Mission Hospital.Logo of HiTech Diagnostics Centre.Logo of Hande Hospital.Logo of Apollo Hospitals.Logo of Billroth Hospitals.Logo of Kovai Medical Center and Hospitals.Logo of Vijaya Group of Hospitals.Logo of KIMS Health.Logo of PRAN Fertility.Logo of Prime Indian Hospital.Logo of Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.Logo of EMS Memorial Hospital.Logo of St. Joseph Hospital.Logo of Aakash Fertility Center.Logo of Sri Ramachandra Hospital.Logo of Vikram Hospital Mysore.Logo of VG Hospital.Logo of PRS Hospital.Logo of Kumaran Hospital.Logo of Amma Hospital.Logo of Rakshith Hospital.

Indonesian Clients

Logo of Tarakan RSUD JAKARTA.Logo of EKA Hospital.Logo of RS Kanker Dharmais.Logo of Mitra Keluarga.Logo of Rumah Sakit Umum Haji.Logo RS ABDI WALUYO.Logo of RSAI.Logo of Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia.Logo of RSAU.Logo of Rumah Sakit CITRA ARAFIQ.Logo of Siloam Hospitals.Logo of Bunda.Logo of Charitas.Logo of YAYASAN KESEHATAN PANTI KOSALA.Logo of RSHS.Logo of Rumah Sakit Islam SITI RAHMAH.Logo of MAS.Logo of Mayapada Hospital.Logo of PERTAMEDIKA.Logo of RSPI Prof. Dr. Sulianti SarosoLogo of RSAB Harapan Kita.Logo of RSCM.Logo of Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah Group.Logo of Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah.Logo of RSUD ULIN.Logo of RSUD Dr. Soetomo.Logo of RS Tarakan Jakarta.Logo of RSUP Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo.Logo of RSP - RSUP Persahabatan.Logo of Rumah Sakit Dr. Suyoto.Logo of Rumah Sakit Husada.Logo of Rumah Sakit Pelni.Logo of Kanambai Umbai.Logo of Medistra.Logo of Ciputra.Logo of RS grhakedoya.Logo of PUSAT Jantung Nasional.Logo of Rumah Sakit St. Carolus.Logo of Rumah Sakit YARSI.Logo od RSDP.Logo of Healthcare.Logo of RSUD CILILIN.Logo of RSUD SOEWANDI SURABAYA.Logo of RSUD WAHIDIN SUDIRO HUSODO KOTA MOJOKERTO.Logo of Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Fatmawati.Logo of Rumah Sakit Pusat Jantung Nasional Harapan Kita.Scaled logo of Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Dr. M. Djamil.Logo of RS Premier Bintaro.Logo of RSUD Dr. SOEKARNO.

Other International Clients

Logo of GIMS.Logo of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka.Logo of Phoenix Hospital.Logo of Durdans Hospital.Logo of Tadawi Hospital.Logo of Raksakol Hospital.Logo of ahalia Hospital.Logo of Dr. Murthy's Medical & Gastro Clinic.

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