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Mediview - The Complete Medical Imaging Capturing Reporting Software

As part of our Medical Imaging Solutions, MediView is the perfect Medical Imaging Capturing Reporting Software that meets the growing Medical Imaging requirements of Global Healthcare Providers. Unlike other Medical Imaging Techniques, Imaging is inserted directly into the organs to enable doctors to view and operate on the internal organs or vessels of your body. MediView is an off-the-shelf imaging Solution that can process analogue/digital images or videos and provide quality imaging reports.

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Caring for Your Image

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Born out of necessity 25 years ago when the analogue images and videos from medical equipment viz endoscopy, laparoscopy, and ERCP were captured in a conventional tape recorder. It was the clinicians’ or the hospitals pressing need to store these images and videos in digital format to manage retrieval and reporting of the cases. MediView addresses the pain.

MediView took its current shape nurtured by its customers and cater to the growing market needs. It adapted inputs from the customers, which are meticulously studied and incorporated. Utmost care is given to the technological changes, user-friendliness, analytical ability and seamless integration with other hospital applications like HMS & LMS solutions with its scaling-up capabilities.

Seamless Image Capture & Reporting

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MediView is designed to optimise both time and cost in today’s changing and demanding healthcare scenario. The robust features coupled with security increase workflow efficiency by managing patient reports, images and data that enhance the quality of patient care. The images and videos stored are retrievable in very easy methods by our new concept of containers;

MediView is DICOM-ready to push images and videos to the PACS. MediView has a worklist to convert by itself as a modality in a PACS scenario. MediView is HL7 compliant. Image and Video Containers in MediView is a unique feature to organise and search images of specific findings and videos of specific content.

  • The patient registration screen of Mediview.

    Patient Registration

    Mediview has basic and advance registration features both in the local capturing station as well as in the web version. With the auto-fill option, a few recurring details are automatically filled up when entering the data. But don’t worry if the data is not available. One can type, and it stores automatically for the next time use. Import registration is available in the basic tab. Detailed patient demographic details can be entered in the advance screen. Every data entered is important to search for the patient at a given criteria.
  • Screen to add a user under user management in Mediview.

    User and Roles

    MediView comes with various features, and for security reasons, each user is assigned to specific roles and cannot breach the application other than the roles assigned to him. For simplicity, the roles are grouped with various features linked to them. Each user will be attached to the User Group and can enjoy the features assigned to the group.

    The admin user shall have all the right to create different user groups and users. The Groups and users are modifiable or can be deleted by whoever holds the right.

    MediView has a web version with a lot of features. The desktop and web versions have the same user login and password. No need for a different login.

Digital Medical Imaging Capture Made Simple With User-Friendly Interface

One of the unique features of MediView is the layout of visits, procedures, images and videos. All are shown on a single page. Unlike others, switching between images and videos, procedures and visits are completely avoided.

Also, all the videos of a patient can be played simultaneously.

Clusters of icons and tools are avoided by a hide-and-seek option. One-click will seek the required icons or tools. For example, when you select an image, the tools of image processing, export, delete, etc., will show up and will be hidden otherwise.

The images and videos show the date and time of capture and size. They are numbered, and the number is kept unchanged even when an image or video is deleted. This is a very helpful method of taking the images to the report or for any other activity.

The images or videos can be seen in full-screen mode for better viewing whenever required and brought back to normal view.

The library view allows to view images and videos in different layouts.

MediView has very good search and filtering options with its global and advance search options. The patient can be searched with any data entered from the global search bar, or a group of patients can be filtered with the multi-query option available in the advance option.

A view of the patient management page of Mediview with screening images kept as thumbnails.A view of the patient management page of Mediview with screening images of a laparoscopy kept as thumbnails.
  • The page of Mediview showing a medical screening image.

    Built-in Editing and Zoom Features for Imaging Capture

    MediView has built-in tools for image processing and video editing and doesn’t expect a third-party tool like MS Paint or Movie Maker, etc. The images are processed as per the standards generally practised in the imaging software. For example, the image processed for any annotation or marking is saved as a separate image, and the original image is kept as such. Also, the overlay option in the original image allows one to switch between the process and the raw display. Similarly, the video can be cropped or merged within MediView, and such video/videos are stored inside MediView as separate videos. The choice of editing or deleting can be made depending on the rights of the user. One of the special features is to zoom in and zoom out at the Region of Interest.
  • Report generated for Laparoscopy procedure with medical screening images.

    Easy to Use Image Reporting System

    MediView has a very dynamic system of creating user-defined Report Templates and Procedure Reporting. The creation of Report templates is very user-friendly with a number of tools. The user can create any number of report templates of their choice.

    Among other security features available in MediView, the reporting is a two-step process, namely creating the report for review and authorising it to be distributed. The saved report without authorisation bears the DRAFT watermark so that it is not mistakenly distributed. The doctor, with permission alone, can authenticate the report. Draft reports and authorised reports are colour-coded for easy identification.

  • Image Backup and Restoration Features

    Prevention is better than cure, and so is the backup before you lose. There are environments beyond the control of our application. A sudden surge may destroy your valuable data. Prevent it with a simple backup. Back up your media, back up your DB and why not back up your report templates? MediView always wants to give caring comfort to its users.

  • The Export screen of Mediview.

    Mediview Is Dicom Enabled

    In the PACS environment, MediView acts as an imaging modality. It is Modality Work List enabled. The imaging orders sent to the PACS worklist server can be fetched by MediView, and manual registration of patients is completely avoided. Be it an endoscopy or laparoscopy, etc., they generate large-size images and videos during the procedure. Sending all of them to PACS or duplicating them to save in the applications is not a wise decision. MediView gives the option of selecting the images and videos of choice to send to the PACS server.

  • The patient management page of Mediview with screening images kept as thumbnails with image gallery.

    Caring for Your Imaging Capture

    Not only the users but their data is cared for at every moment. MediView cares about your images. It is not unusual to inadvertently delete the data we possess. But MediView, at first, protects its user rights. A user without the right to delete cannot be deleted. Even after that, it protects them by just moving them into the trash to enable you to restore them before you make a conscious decision to permanently delete them. Any single image or video or the entire procedure, your data is safe with MediView.
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Record your video while broadcasting.
High-quality HD video
Multiple broadcasts can be seen in a single window
Switch between multiple procedures
A useful feature for
Teaching hospitals
Workshops and Conferences
The image of the Mediview application working on a laptop and mobile.
The image shows the Mediview application working on a laptop and mobile.

Mediview Anywhere and Anytime– Smart Medical Image Management Software

An extended version of MediView, the Web Viewer, is another speciality for the users. The general features are
Patient Registration
User administration
Image and Video review
Reporting and authorisation
Dashboard for the patient analysis
Image Container to view images of specific anatomical locations and findings
Video Container to query videos with specific sub-titles
Download these images and videos for presentation purposes.

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