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In the dynamic PACS environment, MediView functions as an adept imaging modality with full Modality Work List compatibility. Streamlining the process, MediView seamlessly retrieves imaging orders from the PACS worklist server, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for manual patient registration. Whether capturing endoscopic marvels or laparoscopic intricacies, procedures yield extensive high-resolution images and videos. To optimise data management, MediView offers selective curation, empowering users to handpick and transmit preferred visuals to the PACS server, averting redundancy and ensuring precision.

Rating Results

1. MediView 5/5 (4)
2. ADempiere ERP 5/5 (1)
3. Mediview – PACS 5/5 (1)


MediPACS Server
DICOM Store services
DICOM Query and Retrieval
RIS and Work list services
Web-based administration
Role-based user log-in
Compliant with international standards
HL7 compliant, RIS connect, etc
Compatible with any workstation
Clinical Viewer
Patient search with all options
Web-based study and image services
Email and SMS alerts
Structured Reporting
CD / DVD burn


Access to diagnostic-quality images
Elimination of repeated studies
Accessible anywhere in the hospital, and no need to carry films
Template based reports
Radiology Information System to schedule workflow and perform procedure status
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