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Experience heightened patient satisfaction while optimising resource allocation with Jai Nath International – Your pathway to reduced operating costs and elevated healthcare services. Please call us for more details.
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Jai Nath International - Transcending Health, Inspiring Care

Moving beyond conventional boundaries with a driving force to connect all health touch points.
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Who we are

“No Matter What Is The Cost
Trust, Accountability, And Simplicity
Are The Best To Conquer The Business”

Jai Nath International Pte. Ltd. was established in the year of 2016 in Singapore by highly experienced professionals with passion and a mission to transform our strengths into success.

Jai Nath International Pte. Ltd., started as a Trading company with a majority focus on Healthcare and Software.

“There Are No Magic Wands, No Hidden Tricks, And No Secret Handshakes That Can Bring You Immediate Success, But Sincere Planning, Hard Work, And Determination Will Get You There.”

We deliver constant growth with our strong backup of trustable quality products and confide customers worldwide.

Keeping health care as a focus in modern times, we extend our services by providing our customers with the right products, designs, qualities, and prices.

We believe

“The Business Is Built In Relationship”
“No Matter What It Costs Accountability,
Simplicity And Trust Are The Best To Conquer The Business"

is the essence of our Company. It is the quality that sets us apart and is embodied in our people and our guiding principles.

The special deference we offer to our customers defines our value to them. They see it in our personnel's attention to detail, professionalism and customer-first attitude and the extraordinary care and commitment we apply to every aspect of the business.

We believe that every challenge is an opportunity to change and grow. We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner, demanding excellence in all areas of our operations, ensuring that each customer receives value and quality.

Jai Nath International, Chennai, India is our Development, support and marketing office in India.

Discover now

What sets us apart

  • Effortless user-friendly reports and templates
  • Seamless access to patient’s images and reports
  • Convenient handling of images and videos in any standard format
  • Quick and secure transfer of DICOM data to any PACS system
  • Easy-to-implement backup options, safeguarding your critical data.
  • Efficient export of patient lists to Excel with a few clicks
  • Easy access to images and reports shared via email
  • Custom cropping of images to provide precise insights
  • Web-enabled accessibility to access our solution from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive multi-page reporting to provide the best possible care.

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Be part of our mission to revolutionize healthcare across India and beyond, leveraging rapid and innovative solutions through a systematic and progressive approach.
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